Children's Classes: They use what they learn

Children are taught Atemi Jutsu, The Art of Precision Striking, at the Traditional Martial Arts Society.

Atemi Jutsu stresses using punches and kicks effectively as a manner of handling attackers. By using Taisabaki, body positioning, an attack is neutralized and the attacker is put into a bad position, so that the counter-strike lands with precision and power. Simple sweeps and throws are taught to bring down opponents quickly and effectively.

Through the practice of forms, techniques, and sparring, our youth class is not only great for self defense, but develops healthy, physically active kids.

Classes are offered to kids ages 7 through 17. Our general class offers the development in the fundamentals, Whereas our Teen class pushes the older children to higher levels.

Martial arts are well suited for teaching young people life-long good habits of self confidence, respect, and self discipline. If you are interested in investing in your child’s development, contact us.