Teen Atemi - A great match for teens

Working out with little kids isn't enough when you're a teenager; you start looking for more of a challenge. Welcome to Teen Atemi. Our Teen Atemi Jutsu takes it up a notch when it comes to the striking art at TMAS. Although the same information is taught as the youth atemi, the pace, duration, sophistication and demand for exellence are higher. The ABC's of the school's fundamentals are revisited at a higher level so that students can speak the art fluently, not just pronounce words.

Attitude Balance Combinations
Defence Endurance Forms

Being pushed and pushing oneself; both elements are used to develop these teens.  The general youth class focuses on the fundamentals of atemi. Strike emphasises practicality, fluency, efficiency, and determination. Our class schedule lists current class times.

If your child wants to push himself, contact us.