Traditional Martial Arts

Long before the term "mixed martial arts", many combat systems taught several martial arts. The advantage was that the student didn't have to force an integration of the styles he was learning. As a part of the school, all techniques were integrated under the same principles. Karate did not have to learn shootfighting; aikido did not have to learn  tae kwon do; judo did not have to learn kempo; boxing did not have to learn jujitsu.  

The Traditional Martial Arts Society continues this philosophy of training in Pittsburgh. We teach several arts under the same umbrella of principles, footwork, and martial understanding. Kicks as well as grappling, punches as well as chokes, standing as well as ground, cuts as well as armbars, throws as well as multiple attackers; all are covered under our curriculum.

The empty hand arts we teach are aikijujutsu and atemi jutsu. Weapons arts of  kenjutsu (sword) andjojutsu (staff) are taught separately from the empty hand classes.

Class times are listed on our schedule.

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