Aikijujutsu Seminar: Under Pressure

Seminar knife block
Defense against knife

Date: Saturday May 6, 2022
Time: 10:15am-12:45pm
Place: The Traditional Martial Arts Society
Who: All levels ages 16 and up
Cost: $50

Pressure points are a different way to immobilize your opponent. Not dealing with the threat of breakage, but pain compliance is the focus of this method of combat. For both grappling and striking, the use of specific contact that produces pain quickly and takes the focus of the opponent has been used for centuries. This seminar will delve into understanding a group of the pressure points taught by The Traditional Martial Arts Society, and their use in fighting.

With a focus on just a few of the techniques taught at The Traditional Martial Arts Society, we will work to understand fighting a little better.

We hope you can join us. We’ll see you on the mat.