General Classes

Children’s Classes

Youth Atemijutsu

Atemi Jutsu stresses using punches and kicks effectively as a manner of handling attackers. By using Taisabaki, body positioning, an attack is neutralized and the attacker is put into a bad position, so that the counter-strike lands with precision and power. Simple sweeps and throws are taught to bring down opponents quickly and effectively.

Through the practice of forms, techniques, and sparring, our youth class is not only great for self defense, but develops healthy, physically active kids.

Classes are offered to kids ages 7 through 17.

Adult Classes

Aikijujutsu: The Art of Blending Energy and Redirection

Offered for adults, Aiki Ju Jutsu teaches the techniques of grappling combat. The techniques encompass all varieties of combative situations: one-on-one, many-on-one, ground fighting, body grabs, punch/kick defenses, and weapons defenses.

Throws (Nage), Controls (Seigyo), and Take Downs (Otoshi) are all taught using a consistent set of core principles to speed learning.


Kenjutsu teaches techniques for all manner of bladed weapons: tanto (daggers), yoroi odoshi (long daggers), shoto (short sword), daito (long sword), and naginata (halberd).

Jojutsu teaches Strikes (Uchi), Chokes (Shime), Throws (Nage), Arm Locks (Ude Garame), Take Downs (Otoshi), and Disarms (Ate) techniques using the 3′, 4′, or the 6′ staff.